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Refund Policy

Refund & Cancellation Policy

1. Definitions and Interpretation

  • “Booked Services” means the cleaning services that the Customer has requested from the Mobile App and shall include any rectification services the Cleaning Service Provider may be requested to provide resulting out of a Customer Dispute in accordance with the terms of this Policy

  • “Booked Service Duration” means the estimated amount of time the Cleaning Service Provider will require to carry out the Booked Services in accordance with the Booking Request; “Booked Service Fee” means the total fee payable by the Customer for the Booked Services; “Booked Service Location” means the address where the Booked Services are to be carried out as identified in the Booking Request;

  • “Booking Request” means the reservation made by a Customer on the Website for the Booked Services which are to be carried out at the Booked Service Location at the Scheduled Booking Time; “Cleaning Service Provider” means such individual or entity that will be providing the Booked Services; “Customer” means the individual that has made the Booking Request. “Scheduled Booking Time” means the time and date the Booked Services are to be undertaken by the Cleaning Service Provider in accordance with the Booking Request; and “Website” means and any associated Chamberlain mobile phone applications.

2. Cancellations and Amendments by the Customer

  • The Customer shall be permitted to cancel and amend a Booking Request from within the Chamberlain Mobile App or by contacting Chamberlain via Facebook Messanger, free of charge, up to twenty-four (24) hours before the Scheduled Booking Time.

  • If the Customer cancels a Booking Request within the twenty-four (24) hour period before the Scheduled Booking Time, the Customer agrees that there will be no refunds on the payment made.

  • Please note that only the following cancellation/amendment channels will be accepted

    • Cancellation is made from within the mobile app

    • Facebook message sent between 9AM to 5PM

  • Cancellation via all other channels, are not considered as official cancellation request and no refund will be provided. This includes (but not limited to)

    • Comment on social media post, emails, phone calls, direct message to the cleaner, WhatsApp message, SMS

  • If the Customer is not present at the Booked Service Location and at the Scheduled Booking Time, the Booking Request are considered to be cancelled by the Customer and no refund will be provided.

  • All refund will be in the form of Chamberlain Coins, which you can redeem from the Chamberlain Mobile App.

3. Cancellation of Booked Services by the Cleaning Service Provider

  • In the event the Cleaning Service Provider is unable to attend to an accepted Booking Request at the Scheduled Booking Time, the Customer may choose to change the Scheduled Booking Time or request for a refund within the twenty-four (24) hour period after the Scheduled Booking Time on the Website or by contacting Chamberlain .

  • The customer will not be entitled for a refund if the request is made after the twenty-four (24) hour period after the Scheduled Booking Time.

4. Customer Disputes.

  • The Customer has a twenty-four (24) hour period following the completion of the Booked Services (the “Dispute Period”) to inform Chamberlain if the Booked Services performed by the Cleaning Service Provider is not up to a standard reasonably required of a cleaning service provider (the “Customer Dispute”).

  • Chamberlain shall then inform the Cleaning Service Provider of such complaints from the Customer. In the event of a Customer Dispute, the Cleaning Service Provider agrees that it will return to the Customer to complete or rectify the Booked Services to a reasonable standard. No additional payment will be charged to the Customer for the performance of any rectification services in satisfaction of a Customer Dispute.

  • For the purposes of clarity, Booked Services will not be deemed to be completed (and an invoice will not be issue to the Customer for payment) until a Customer Dispute has been rectified. The Parties agree to find a suitable time for the Cleaning Service. The Customer will not be entitled to a refund should they choose not to proceed with the rectification of the booked service.


Please take note of our cancellation and rescheduling policy below.

2 days before                                              100% Refund

Within 2 days of the cleaning date           75% Refund

On the same day                                        No refund

  1. You may cancel you booking by informing us via app’s chat.

  2. Facebook message/comment will not be considered as cancellation notice.

  3. Rescheduling is considered as cancellation. Refund will be provided and a new booking will need to be made.

Typically, your request will be accepted by our crew within a few minute up to a few hours, depending on the crew’s work schedule.

If no crew accepted your booking, all payment made will automatically be converted to your credit. You can use the credit to reschedule or you can easily redeem it from the app and the full amount will be refunded back to you.

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