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Commercial & Residential Cleaning

Office Tower, Commercial Building Area, Condo or Apartment Common Area, Shopping Mall, School and Etc.

We have over 10 projects operating around KL and Selangor, Melaka and Penang, providing more then 150 cleaners to various facilities such as office tower, commercial building area, condo or apartment common area, shopping mall, and etc. We offer custom service packages tailored to the specific cleaning needs of your facility. Contact us to get our company profile and set up an appointment with us so we can tour your location and provide you with the best quotation in town!

Tasks Include

  • Emptying & disposal of trash

  • Polishing floor surface, desktops, countertops, tabletops

  • Cleaning & sanitizing drinking fountains, door handles, phones and other contact areas

  • Cleaning & shining entrance door glass

  • Cleaning & sanitizing restrooms

  • Dusting high vents, light fixtures, pictures, and door frames

  • Dusting window sills, book cases, and filing cabinets

  • Mopping hard surfaces and resilient floors

  • Vacuuming carpets

Our Partners

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